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The Worldwide Need for a Proxy Server


« Recent technologies and new means of communication increase the privacy concern due to the fact that they often try to recover user data for then resell them to advertising companies, endangering the whole identity of users. In recent years the data have shown that more than 600 million malware programs were detected. Malware or in other terms is known as malicious software where it delivers viruses, trojans, worms and other harmful computer programs used for hacking and damaging computer data & programs. A famous study had reported that almost 14.4 million people had fallen victim to online scam and identity fraud. In fact, most of the victims were unaware of how this happened but the authorities had concluded that this malicious thing occurred due to the carelessness of the victims and the poor security on their computers. An effective way in preventing this problem from occurring is by having a proxy server. It is estimated that 410 million people worldwide are using proxy servers as it improves security, hide identity, protects the Internet activity of employees, balance internet traffic to prevent crashes, control the access to websites and save internet bandwidth by caching files or compressing incoming traffic. Without a doubt, the right proxy server allows to control and protect the identity of the users from any deceptive practices in the workplace & private life. »


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